Cody Dock / River Lea photography competition

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Cody Dock / River Lea photography competition
Cody Dock / River Lea photography competition
Last month (September 2020) I discovered a photography competition being held by Cody Dock, an artistic community just a mile or so from where I live. There were just a few days left to enter; participants were asked to submit photographs of the River Lea and its surroundings. I figured why not, let's give it a try.
My first submission was this shot of London City Island, a relatively new residential development near the spot where the River Lea empties into the Thames. In the foreground are reeds which form part of the Bow Creek Ecology Park. The idea of this photo was to show how the river still has some nature and wildlife, despite its industrial past, and being heavily redeveloped in recent years. A passing DLR train divides the two sections of the photo.

My second submission was of Three Mills, one of London’s oldest extant industrial centres. According to Wikipedia, the House Mill was built in 1776 (and after a fire destroyed it, quickly rebuilt) by Daniel Bisson. It is a grade I listed building. The Clock Mill was rebuilt by Philip Metcalfe between 1815 and 1817 incorporating the old clock, and an older bell. There was also a windmill which survived until about 1840. The House Mill continued to operate until 1940 and the Clock Mill until 1952. The House Mill remains the largest tidal mill in the world, and appears to have a resident swan keeping watch.

I am delighted to announce that the photograph of City Island was the winner, with the Three Mills photograph also listed in the twelve winning entries.

The winning photographs are on display (outdoors, due to the Coronavirus pandemic) at Cody Dock until the end of October 2020. Please excuse the quality of the remaining photos on this blogpost, all are taken with a phone.

The winning entry.


Trying very hard not to look TOO pleased with myself.

Still trying....

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