London's West End Christmas lights

Doug Stratton Doug Stratton

London's West End Christmas lights
London's West End Christmas lights

Every year in London, the Christmas lights going up in the West End is a major event, and 2020 is no exception. Recently I made a brief trip into town to record some of the best of them. The emphasis is on 'brief', as even for a Sunday night it was busy with shoppers (and Instagrammers!) and I didn't feel comfortable loitering for too long in crowded spaces.



Carnaby Street was bustling, and had some positive hopeful messages this year after months of difficulties for all of us. I created a sense of movement in the people by taking a five second exposure.



The angels on Regent Street seem to be a perennial fixture now, and the regular passing buses offer an opportunity to add some attractive light trails.




Anyone who visits Instagram at this time of year knows that this shot is a 'staple' for Christmas in London. Generally I like to find a different viewpoint, but sometimes there's a good reason why a particular shot is popular. So here it is.




Another version of the bus/angel idea on Regent Street.



Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly is decorated to look like an enormous Advent calendar this year. Very clever, and nicely done.



Fortnum & Mason again, from further down the road. I liked the little splash of red in the windows above Cath Kidston next door. Once again the light trails are created by a passing bus.

Merry Christmas to you all. Keep coming back for more blog posts soon!

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