Stourhead autumn hike

Doug Stratton Doug Stratton

Stourhead autumn hike
Stourhead autumn hike

Another hike this weekend to catch the autumn leaves, this time at the National Trust Stourhead Gardens in Wiltshire.



Beginning in the valley that marks the head of the river Stour (underground at this point), the trees were already showing off.


The formal part of the gardens involves a lap around a lake, and a wide selection of different trees.


Leaf, The Universe and Everything.
I can't resist an acer, particularly at this time of year.



The hike passes through a grotto, with a lookout across the lake. At times like this it's good to remember to expose for the highlights.



Stourhead Gardens has a variety of architectural curiosities to lend some focal points to the views.



Somehow I doubt these fortifications were ever defended, but it's certainly a pretty gate. The clock was wrong.



The days are getting shorter at this time of year, and it was soon time to head home after a visit to King Alfred's Tower. I bet this would be easier to defend than that gate.

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