Sun In The Sky You Know How I Feel

Doug Stratton Doug Stratton

Sun In The Sky You Know How I Feel
Sun In The Sky You Know How I Feel

Here we go, it's 2021. A new start, and we need that more than ever.



In between lockdowns I took an early morning trip into the City, ideally to get a shot of the embankment by the Tower of London. Unfortunately a security guard had other ideas, so a quick change of plan was called for. I walked across Tower Bridge to the south, just as the sun began to rise.



Further along the river, by Hay's Galleria, the sun peeked out from behind one of the two towers of Tower Bridge.



Finally, I stopped on London Bridge and looked back east. What a glorious sight. Perhaps I should thank that security guard at the Tower for doing me a favour.



Back into lockdown again - I've lost count how many now - so only a short walk to Royal Victoria Dock this time. Some incredible colours at first light, and barely a soul around to witness it.




I've always wanted to take this shot, with the legs of a crane forming a frame within the frame. The slight asymmetry bothers me, but one thing the last year has taught me is that this is not a perfect world, and we have to take it as it is.



Time for one last shot with the neutral density filter before heading back home to warm up and contemplate the day (and year) ahead.

Is it too soon for mulled wine? Asking for a friend.

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