Sunrise at the O2

Doug Stratton Doug Stratton

Sunrise at the O2
Sunrise at the O2

A few days ago I took an early walk along the Thames Path near Blackwall, and managed to grab a few shots of the sun rising behind the O2 across the river.



Dawn started with the merest glimmer of light in the sky, as the clouds rushed past. The lights of North Greenwich still shone brightly.



The moment after the sun crossed the horizon, and already the sky was turning from cold blue to a warmer shade. The glass towers of Canary Wharf behind me could be seen reflected in the windows.



The moment the sun crested the top of the dome, sparkling like a diamond.



By this time I couldn't look directly at the scene any more. I adjusted the camera's settings for the brightness and kept shooting. The full sun is now visible.



The end of golden hour, and what a stunning display I had witnessed. I almost felt I could walk across the bright path laid before me. I headed home for a much needed coffee instead.

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